Something we feel is just as important as learning about Bible Prophecy,

is building relationships with like-minded people. Branson is home to world-class

shows and attractions.  We want to take advantage of this Family-Friendly destination

and give you the opportunity to really get to know our speakers and other

guests on a deeper level, by enjoying some leisure time activities together.

Here are a couple events we have included as part of our Prophecy Summit package,

and details on an optional attraction you may want to take advantage

of on Sunday, April 18 after our conference is officially over.

Sight and Sound Production of 'JESUS'


Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

WOW 4.jpg
WOW 5.jpg

Optional Holy Land & Tabernacle Tour

We all know that the heart of Bible Prophecy is centered around Israel.

Eureka Springs, AR (about 45 minutes from Branson) is home to the

Great Passion Play complex.  In this complex is a re-creation of prominent

sites found in the Holy Land, a true-to-scale replica of the Tabernacle,

renown statue of Christ of the Ozarks, a Bible museum,

Noah's Ark petting zoo and much more.

For those who would enjoy extending their stay through Sunday April 18,

we're planning an afternoon tour of the Holy Land, a Tabernacle teaching tour,

a tour of the Bible and Sacred Art museums and an all-you-can-eat

dinner together in the Great Hall building.

The cost for everything is just $49 per person.

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